For the Regular Folks.

This song is dedicated to all of us people out here working dead-end jobs in boring little towns and scary big cities, just to keep a roof over our heads. Maybe you’re not good looking, or talented.  Maybe your parents didn’t leave you a trust fund, and you’ve spent your entire life just a paycheck in front of disaster (or run over by it).

Or, maybe you’re a lonely woman, looking for a good man who won’t abuse you.  Somebody who’s not a drunk, a criminal or a fool.

You are worth something.

The good news is that, no matter how pathetic you feel, or how little impact you’ve been able to make in the world, you are still as valuable as solid gold in the mind of some country songwriter. 

Maybe you could even be a country songwriter if you could just back up aways, take a look at your self and answer this question:

“What story am I living?”

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