Short Order Guy

I finally succeeded in getting a reasonable take for this song. It’s just a simple version with me and the guitar. If I ever find a girl to sing it with and find the money for studio time, I’ll do the “duet” version. This will have to do for now.

Sorry, but this video is not available right now.  YouTube decided that it was so good I must have stolen it from somebody else, and they accused me of infringement of copyrights.  Unfortunately, all other copies have been lost.

I’ll get around to recording it again someday.

Short Order Guy
(lyrics, male solo version)

By Greg McGee

A                                 D          A

If I gave you my heart, would you use it for hamburger.

E                    A

And offer me up with fries.

         D                           A

Consume me with relish and make me feel hellish?

E                          A

‘Cause, I’m only a short order guy.


D                          A

I see you looking, at me as I’m cooking

E                       A

Like a bird on a rotisserie.

D                        A

But now that I’m wiser, I’ll be no appetizer

E                        A

It’s your main course that I want to be.


A                            D          A

I like being consumed, but I like to be savored.

E                          A

Don’t wolf me down, you’ll miss all the flavor.

D                      A          F#7

All of your fantasies, I could fulfill.

Bm                    C#m         D            E   

My ingredients ain’t lacking, If you’ve got the skills.


A                   D            A

Fast food rarely provides much nutrition.

E                                   A

And though I’ve been burned you could change my condition.

     D                                A           F#7

Your sauce must be special to make me feel like I do.

Bm              C#m              D            E

I’ll hang up my apron, lets cook up something new.


D                             A

I won’t dice you up and throw you on the grill.

E                           A

I know how to sauté. I’ll show you some thrills.

D                          A            F#7

I know how to do more than scramble and fry!

Bm             C#m              D          E

If we turn up the heat now, the biscuits will rise.


D                             A

I’ll leave the pots and pans, get there fast as I can.

E                            A

I won’t mop the floor tonight, go on, turn the covers down.

D                          A

You simmer just like a stew. I want a taste of you.

Bm                      E           A

I need to hold you right now!  Right now.


D                    A

I’m tired of dancing alone at my griddle.

          E                      A

I want to find me a good one, go country and settle.

D                      A

Learn how to barbeque, raise up a kid or three,

Bm                    E

Someday, you might even do (hold on this word)

E               A

The cooking for me.


A                                  D          A

If you give me your heart, I won’t use it for hamburger.

E                         A

I won’t serve you up with fries.

D                                 A           F#7

I’ll consume you with relish, and you’ll be embellished.

         Bm    E           A

I’m not only a short order guy.

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