It’s finished!

After a lifetime in the making, my first novel, “The ReWrite,” is finished, and now available on You can download it to your Kindle reader, or, you can order a physical book that will be delivered to your house!

It was quite a process! What started as a part-time project, squeezed in between the long, grueling shifts driving an Uber car around the city all night long, became my primary focus in life.

This happened with I sent a “happy birthday” message to my old friend Randy. We’ve known each other for about 30 years, from back in the day when I was a hotshot computer programmer working in San Francisco. My business partner at the time was a guy by the name of Steven Rappaport, (now deceased.) Randy was his roommate. Our company, “Interactive Records,” operated out of the living room of their apartment, so Randy, his girlfriend Mary, and their acrobatic cat Weeb, got to know me very well.

Randy was (and still is) an awesome chef, and would put on these elaborate feasts, inviting a dozen or so people over for a fantastic evening of great food, wine, women and songs. Steven and I usually provided the songs.

After this year’s birthday note, Randy announced that he and Mary had retired and moved to Mexico, to the wonderful city of San Miguel De Allende’, up in the mountains halfway between Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta.

This announcement came with a startling invitation.

At first, I dismissed the idea of taking a vacation as ludicrous. I couldn’t take time off! I was barely keeping my head above water working 50 hours a week!

But, then, I started to think about it just a little. And dream, just a little. Then, I began to plan a little.

Hey, what if I put my apartment up for lease on AirBNB, and my car up on Turo? This would cut out most of my expenses. Maybe I could actually go to Mexico for a while. Especially if I had a free place to stay.

I figured I better check on that little detail before getting too excited.

And then, Randy sent me this! It looked like he was serious about this offer! Hmmm.

When it dawned on me the incredible gift my friend was offering me, well, I got a little choked up.

Note: my iPhone substituted the word “grind” for “friend,” for some reason.

My awsome friends Randy and Mary, on the veranda, offering a pre-dinner toast. That’s my plate, with the stripes.

So, this is how I ended up staying in San Miguel De Allende’, in Guanajuato, Mexico, for about 2 months, in a fantastic mansion on a hill. with a little help from my good friends.

Randy and Mary’s mansion in San Miguel De Allende’

And, this is why I was able to write a novel. I had two months with nothing better to do than write, relax, drink wine, sleep late… you know, all the things that normal people do.

Sunset in San Miguel
A typical sunset in paradise, San Miguel De Allende’

I’ll never forget the kindness and generosity of Mary and Randy! It was a life-altering experience that I will never forget.


Muchas Gracias!

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