A Re-Write for “The ReWrite”

After publishing my novel with Kindle Direct Publishing, I was able to order a copy of the paperback, and read it at my favorite coffee shop, just as I suggested my readers do on the books back cover.

Well, it was enlightening. Wow. I actually wrote a book! That’s the good news. The bad news is, I made a lot of mistakes and editing errors. My spelling and grammar were pretty good. Many of the mistakes were caused by the quirkiness of the Kindle publishing tools, or through the cutting, pasting and moving around blocks of text that have become a valuable tool of creative writing in the age of desktop publishing.

I used Kindle Create to prepare my book for publishing, and it is a handy tool. I highly recommend it if you are publishing a book on Kindle. But, beware! There are quirks. You have to be very careful.

You could be on one page, making an edit or addition, and suddenly be 2 or 3 pages back, in the middle of a word, typing along. It’s hard to find this kind of error without going all the way back to the beginning and starting over.

I’m not trying to blame the mistakes on others. They’re my mistakes and I own them. I’m just saying, when you write your own book, be careful! There are a lot of alligators in the water.

Rewriting “The ReWrite” also gave me a chance to go back and make some changes. I made some deletions, where I thought I was being overly wordy or descriptive. I even added a couple of new scenes, to flesh out story points that I’d neglected. Making these sorts of changes would have been impossible before the advent of online publishing services like Kindle, and I’m grateful to have it.

There were not very many purchases of the first edition of “The ReWrite.” and I’m glad of it. However, if you did end up with one of these rare first editions, hold onto it! Someday, it could be worth thousands of dollars!

But, seriously folks, please forgive me for my errors. If you contact me, I’ll send you a copy of the update.

Here’s how to tell if you have a rare “first edition.” The cover looks like this: the subtitle, covered by a red line, says “Story of an Average Life.”

Me holding copies of my book "The Rewrite"
If your copy of “The ReWrite” looks like this, I owe you a new book!

The NEW, and IMPROVED version of “The ReWrite” looks like this. Notice that the “subtitle” has been changed to “Life Sucks. Then You Die.” And the roach clip and the guitar pick’s positions have been switched. The back cover is different too, but this is really all you need to know.

If you’ve downloaded the Kindle Reader version, I think you can go back to Amazon and do another download for free. Let me know if this doesn’t work out, and I’ll gift you a copy.

I look forward to hearing your comments and reviews of the book. Please take the time to enter your review on Amazon after you finish reading it. This will help me to reach my goal of becoming a full-time author.

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