The Draft Dodger’s Girlfriend’s Blues

While I was writing the novel, “The ReWrite,” there was a scene that happened just after I’d found out that my draft number was 105, and I was sitting around with my friends trying to figure out what to do,

What came up was that we wrote a song.

I never actually wrote the song while writing the novel. But, tonight, I started to thinking about it, and the song lyrics just sort of popped out. It’s probably not finished, but I think it’s pretty good. Tell me what YOU think!

The Draft Dodgers Girlfriend’s Blues

By Greg McGee (as Greg McMann and Linda Featherly)


My boyfriend just told me
He’s got to go to Viet Nam!
He’s draft number’s 105!
So he’s going on the lam!


I guess I’m going with him
Because my love is true.
And that is why I have
The draft dodger’s girlfriend’s blues.


It’s goodbye to the star spangled banner.
I’ll wipe America‘s dust from my shoes.
And now you know why I have
The draft dodger’s girlfriend’s blues.


We don’t know these people
They want us to attack.
This war has no reason.
Does any war, in fact?



We’re gonna write some protest songs
And sing them loud and clear.
We’re gonna fight for freedom.
Our weapons are songs and cheers.


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